1) Registration

  • The Liver Foundation treats all kinds of hepatitis diseases. The first phase is to register at the reception counter. Two types of patients come to the liver Foundation for their treatment. The ones with already diagnosed viral hepatitis for the consultation of doctor and the other ones to get their blood checked for the presence of viral hepatitis.

2) Doctor's Consultation

  • Doctors in the Liver Foundation consult the patient with positive Hepatitis B/C screening test results. Moreover, patients with negative Hepatitis B result are vaccined with relevant vaccination of hepatitis for future prevention. Appropriate medical care is provided.

3) Laboratory

  • The Liver Foundation possesses two labs with latest medical machinery and trained staff. The first lab is for blood screening of registered patients and second lab is for further lab tests of patients with positive test result of hepatitis.

4) Reports

  • After the different lab tests of a liver patient , reports are generated for each patient. The patient is called for further assistance and treatment according to their diagnosed type of viral hepatitis.

5) Medication

  • The Liver Foundation provides appropriate medicine of all kinds of chronic hepatitis. Patients are followed up after every two weeks which is continued for 3 months and in some cases for 6 months. After completion of medication , the patients are again called for the blood tests to ensure that they are free from hepatitis and are further advised by doctors about prevention and care.