Aga Khan University

  • The Liver Foundation in collaboration with Aga Khan University has been working in the poor communities of Malir District for the past 2 years to screen, diagnose and treat patients with Hepatitis ‘C’ (including few Hepatitis ‘B’) all free of cost. So far we have screened 10,000 persons, diagnosed 1,617 patients and treated nearly 600 patients who required the treatment. We now propose to make two Union Councils of Malir district (UC 9 and UC 10) free of Hepatitis ‘C’. For this we have acquired a grant to screen approximately 40,000 persons and diagnose 5,000 patients. However we need funds to treat these 5,000 patients diagnosed with Hepatitis ‘C‘. We have agreed to jointly embarked on a fund raising program to raise around Rs. 22.5 million for the estimated treatment cost. This fund raising work will start around mid- August 2019. Hopefully after successful completion of this project, both parties have further plans to eliminate Hepatitis ‘C’ from affected areas of Karachi as well as Sindh.

Saylani Welfare international Trust (SWIT)

  • A memo of understanding was signed with SWIT on 21 November 1917 where all SWIT patients are provided free of cost medication. All labs and relevant blood testing and diagnosis work of patient is done by SWIT. So far TLF has treated 300 patients, besides, various camps are held with joint cooperation for hepatitis screening, vaccination of hepatitis ‘B’ and relevant blood test to facilitate under privileged poor patients totally free of cost. This cooperation and mutual support is continue with some future plan in the pipeline.

Dr. Essa Laboratory

  • All types of hepatitis related blood tests are provided “Free of cost” to patients. This entire function is “outsourced” to Dr. Essa Labs on discounted test rates. Twice every week blood is collected from patients at TLF premises and sent to Essa Labs for processing. The test reports are delivered on timely basis. With extra ordinary cooperation and mutual interest this function is going on since January 2018 quite successfully. Along with this both parties cooperate and support to each other in organizing various types of camps where multiple facilities are provided to patients free of cost.