The Liver Foundation

Al-Rehman International Trust has been providing free community services specially free medical treatment to needy poor patients since year 2003. The Liver Foundation is its Sister Trust which has a separate specialized Clinic where exclusive facilities are provided for treatment of all liver diseases. In this clinic treatment of all liver diseases, specially Hepatitis B, C, D & E has started. Where medicines, qualified doctors, laboratory tests facilities are available, Hepatitis is a silent killer and life threatening disease its treatment is expensive and difficult, however, with kind support of trustees, well wishers and help of almighty GOD these services are successfully operating. This Trust has special cooperation of Karachi major Hospitals, Doctors and Pharma Companies.

Our mission is to Harness the power of people living with viral hepatitis to achieve its elimination. The Liver Foundation has transformed the viral hepatitis agenda, going from a time where there was practically zero priority given to viral hepatitis, to now having global commitment to eliminate this cancer-causing disease as a public health threat by 2030.

The vision of our institute is a world free from viral hepatitis. We are taking steps towards Eradication of Hepatitis from Pakistan.

The Trust's future plans are to improve this institution and its faculties of treatment, research, education, medicines, and state of the art laboratory to the highest quality. Thus, this will become an international standard exclusive Liver Disease Treatment Center, where the world’s best quality facilities and qualified doctors to be made available. In the next phase, our efforts are to devlop a quality Liver Transplant Centre where liver transplant of poor needy patients to be done free of cost. InshAllah in near future Medical Mobile Units will operate to carry out free tests and treatment of Hepatitis B, C, D & E of all poor needy patients within and out skirt of Karachi City, interior of Sindh. Thereafter all over Pakistan.